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(IoT Enablement, Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) Enablement)

"We help companies orchestrate towards an improved customer experience and increased revenue."

Analytics & BI Enablement Brochures / Presentations:

  1. Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI) Enablement- Solution Vision
  2. Entertainment & Media Companies Value Proposition
  3. Telecommunications Companies Value Proposition
  4. General (All Verticals) Value Proposition

Data Virtualization Presentations:

  1. eBook - Data Virtualization for Dummies
  2. Data Virtualization 101 - (All Verticals)
  3. Entertainment & Media Companies

Data Quality Assessment & Monitoring Presentations:

  1. The Data Quality Assessment Manager - (DQAM) DEMONSTRATION
       - Data Assessment Automation and Data Quality Workflow for all organizations
  2. The Data Quality Assessment Manager - (DQAM)
  3. The Data Quality Assessment Manager - (DQAM)
       - Its role within the INTEGRATED DATA WAREHOUSE (IDW)
  4. Sensitive Data Discovery - (SDD)
       - How can CloudFectiv help?

IoT Enablement Presentations:

  1. Data Virtualization (DV) at the edge - IoT Enablement Primer

IT Infrastructure Transformation Presentations:

  1. Network Post Capture Packet Analysis leveraging MeasureIT NetData

CloudFectiv's IoT Enablement, Analytics and BI Enablement Solutions will enable your company to take full advantage of all its data. Review the information below to learn how we can help you do this:

  1. Integrate all data into one virtualized environment
    • Doesn’t matter where the data is located or how it’s formatted
    • Secured, managed, delivered
    • Treat data as a strategic asset
    • Visualize success across the enterprise
    • Become more proactive and effective
    • Better alignment with strategy
    • Realization of cost efficiencies
    • Increased Revenues
  2. Instant access to all the data you want, the way you want it
    • Gain full view of customers and other data sets across channels
    • Personalize your marketing and customer engagements
    • Engage your customers in real time
  3. Gain more and better Business Insight
    • Business Leaders
    • Information consumer
    • Anticipate customer and market behavior

The CloudFectiv Solution-(Advantages):

  1. Can easily leverage the power of enterprise data sources, cloud, in-memory platforms, caching and messaging.
  2. Can easily deliver data through REST and self-service data services.
  3. Provide a clean and consistent user interface for both business users and developers.
  4. Changes to the sources, integration or output data services take minutes to accomplish.
  5. Deliver on-demand real-time data access to data sources.
  6. Provide for data and application services capable of scaling horizontally and vertically to meet most analytical and application needs.